To view Early Consignments to the WINTER SALE - January 16-17-18

Jim Ware's AuctionWare, LLC is extremely proud to announce the purchase of

TRIANGLE SALES CO · Shawnee, Oklahoma
Established in 1979 by John and Cindy Bowling

Effective October 8, 2014

Expect The Same Triangle Staff, Service And Integrity
You Have Come To Know For 36 Years!

Dear Friends,

I have followed and admired the success of Triangle Sales Co., for over three decades.  Many of my closest friends have heard me say repeatedly during the years that “I would sure love to own that business one day”.  My wish has come true and I am very grateful to Cindy Bowling for that opportunity.  I am 100% responsible for the professional choices I have made over the past two years and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The auction business, especially the sale of horses, comes easily for me as I have literally been involved in it since childhood.  I take auctions very seriously and I strive to conduct every sale in an honorable fashion.  I try to create the best sale environment possible for customers and try to treat everyone fairly and equally.  I also expect, in return, for the auction staff and auction crew to be treated with the same respect and dignity.

I don’t plan to “re-make” Triangle…a business that has operated for 36 consecutive years simply doesn’t need it!  I do plan to commit my time, energy, experience and creativity to enhance the tradition of Triangle’s success.

Thank you to many good friends and customers who have contributed in the past to successful auctions.  Welcome, in advance, to new friends and customers who will hopefully join us in the very near future.  I believe that life is all about making memories.  We have made good ones in the auction business and plan to make many more!

Finally, I realize that you have many choices when it comes to selling your horses.  I hope that your #1 choice is always Triangle.  Without great sellers, bidders, buyers and dedicated spectators, we wouldn’t be in business!

2015 Triangle Sales Auction Calendar

WINTER SALE – January 16-17-18

MID-WINTER SALE – February 27-28 & March 1

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Grand Entry Sale – March 21
(Conducted by the Texas A & M University Equine Initiative)

SPRING SALE – May 1-2-3

FALL SALE – October 2-3-4

Expect the finest American Quarter Horses &
Paint Horses!
Including Family Horses, Trained Horses, Prospects & Broodmares
Specializing in Barrel Racing · Roping · Cutting · Sorting/Penning · Racing · Trail · Reined Cow Horse · Versatility Ranch · Reining · Western Pleasure




The sale order for each sale session will be determined by alphabetical order using the first letter of the 2nd dam’s name. The owner of multiple horses with the same dam may elect to separate siblings selling within the same sale session. Additional siblings may be place within 10 lots of the original lot order. A public draw will be made to determine the beginning letters for the sale sessions.

UPSET BID - $500
Any Horse Not Receiving a $500 Upset Bid Will Be Excused And Retained By The Consignor


Every seller has entered into a contract with Triangle Sales to sell each horse “at auction”. This authority is irrevocable, thus no horse may be sold privately before it is offered publicly.

The private sale of a horse “repurchased” in the auction ring is encouraged…provided all settlements are made directly to the sale cashier.